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Constructive criticism regarding my playing of Emmeryn is more than welcome! Do her actions and development line up with what you'd expect of her in canon? Is my writing engaging and do my tags have enough substance to them? Am I difficult to thread with? Whether it's regarding characterization or RP in general, I'd be happy to hear your feedback!

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Character Name: Emmeryn
Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Canon Point: Chapter 4, before Chrom's return from Ferox.
Summary/History: FE:A plot summary + Emmeryn's wiki page
Emmeryn carries herself with reserved, regal grace. Chrom goes as far as to call her peace itself, and “a calming presence, when some might otherwise call for war.” Emmeryn is a pillar for her people; stable, serene, and always exemplifying the halidom’s best and the ideals she wishes for it to carry in all she does. The same pacifism she has led the country to by ending the war her rule began in the midst of and disarming Ylisse keeps her from fighting against assassins in her own chambers. She has given Gangrel the same patience she gave her people when they condemned her for her father’s actions at her rule's start and hurled stones at her even as a child, never once lashing out or meeting anyone’s harshness with anything but her other cheek. Never has she resented their cruelty; she lives by second chances and forgiveness. An incurable optimist, there’s little she isn’t willing to put up with in hopes that eventually, given time and care and understanding, things will change for the better.

Her compassion is unconditional and known well outside Ylisse, too; people like Panne and Olivia, otherwise unrelated to the group at large, mention personal favors Emmeryn has done for them. In all things, Emmeryn acts first considering how to make things better for everyone else, regardless of what personal sacrifice it might mean for her. Even as assassins storm down her doors, she begs the Shepherds to leave instead of risking their lives to protect her. Her greatest display of selflessness, though, is the one she’s best known for: to keep Chrom, Lissa, the Fire Emblem, and Ylisse safe, she ends her own life.

While I am taking Emmeryn from a much earlier canonpoint, her Spotpass self provides additional insight into her character unseen in the main game: with the memories and status that made up so much of who she was gone, what still matters to her?

The others who knew her first notice that she retains her kind personality and concern for others, but she struggles to be the same pillar she was before. Without her title its pressures, she openly expresses doubt previously kept to herself. A glimpse of it is seen just before her death when the Plegians meet her speech begging them to end the war and find freedom from their hatred and pain with silence; she asks herself if she was wrong, and in the Japanese version, calls herself hopeless and a fool. For the sake of other people's happiness, she kept the doubt she always had hidden, but seeing so much cruelty for so long has worn on her. She's internalized a lifetime of being held responsible for her father's war and blames herself . Her ideals of peace mean more to her than anything, but she cannot find full faith in them. Even so, she loves not just people but every last person; her concern and love has never faltered for anyone, and she blames the shakiness in her convictions entirely on herself for not being brave or kind or wise or good enough.

With the expectations of her title set aside, she questions what good she is to everyone around her, calls herself weak, a burden, useless. She's still treated as Exalt, but brain damaged and without her memories, she's in no position to take the title back up; she sees herself as a disappointment to the others. Always concerned for the rest before herself and conscious of being a hindrance, she strives to find ways to help them and meet their hopes for her.

The title of Exalt makes the difference between the bastion of kind confidence and the woman steeped in self-consciousness and uncertainty. The Exalt inspired her people when they were at their lowest and brought them hope and security as their country tumbled towards war. Her siblings saw the toll the pressure took on her, but Emmeryn could never let anyone else see past the image she had constructed of herself based on what people expected and wanted of her. They would lose their pillar if she did, and the faith in her already established on tenuous ground because of the legacy she followed would shatter. The people adored the Exalt, but the Exalt was a projection Emmeryn could never be completely. She acknowledges it when Robin offers to help her, saying Robin only serves her out of duty. Emmeryn knows she can never completely be that person they love, and it only adds to her feelings of inadequacy.

But her love was never part of her facade. Her death quotes are all apologies, worrying first for the others even with her last breaths. In the moments before her sacrifice, she expresses doubt, but her final thought is an expression of love, a hope that her siblings and her people will know, after this, that she cared for them in life. Love fuels her more than anything, and despite her fears and insecurities, nothing can take away the fiery strength that comes with her warm heart.

Powers/Abilities: Emmeryn is a powerful, well-trained sage, giving her two primary abilities:
☆ Use of magic tomes for offensive spellcasting. Spells vary by tome, but having the tome is required to cast the spell.
☆ Use of magic staves for healing spellcasting. Healing strength and sort (or alternative use) varies by staff, but having the staff is required to cast the spell. Staff spells can't affect the user; in other words, she can't heal herself.

To better integrate Fire Emblem's magic system, it's blocking system (i.e. sometimes units run in front of attacks and the attacks do NOTHING TO ANYONE), and how magic and combat actually probably practically works, we're also going to give Emmeryn:
☆ The ability to block and dispel offensive magic spells through contact—but only stuff similar to the tome-based offensive spells she's capable of casting; i.e., she could step in front of a magically-cast fireball or bolt of lightning and disintegrate it or redirect it into the ground, but there's nothing she can really do about anyone's weird mind control or hallucination or zombie-summoning ridiculousness.

Items on your character:
☆ A Recover staff, capable of healing all non-fatal wounds of anyone near enough to touch.


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